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Hammerli Pistol Forge H1 4.25” - Right View
Hammerli Pistol Forge H1 4.25” - Quarter Right View
Hammerli Pistol Forge H1 4.25” - Quarter Left View
Hammerli Pistol Forge H1 4.25” - Left View
Hammerli Pistol Forge H1 4.25” - Rear View
Hammerli Pistol Forge H1 4.25” - Top View
Hammerli Forge H1

Forge H1 4.25”

Target Shooting, Personal Defense

Behold the Hammerli Arms Forge H1 - a pistol born from the fires of defiance and the legacy of the iconic 1911. In a world where every shot counts, the Forge H1 is the epitome of reliability and power, ensuring you stand strong amidst the anarchy.

Legacy of the 1911, Fury of the Forge: The Hammerli Forge H1 pays homage to the legendary 1911 style, embodying the timeless design that has stood the test of time. Crafted with precision, it fires the .22 LR caliber, a round known for its versatility and efficiency, making every bullet count in the harshest of environments.

Customization for the Apocalypse: In the relentless struggle for survival, adaptability is your greatest asset. The Forge H1 allows you to personalize your grip with aftermarket 1911 grips, ensuring a perfect fit and exceptional control. Make it truly yours, for a pistol that matches your determination and style.

Unyielding and Ever-Ready: In a world where malfunctions can cost you your life, the Forge H1 stands as a beacon of reliability. With its threaded barrel, you can enhance your weapon's capabilities, attaching vital suppressors or muzzle devices. Never compromise - the Forge H1 guarantees each shot is delivered with unerring accuracy.

Holstered and Prepared: Fitting into standard 1911 holsters, the Forge H1 seamlessly integrates into your gear, ensuring easy access and readiness. When seconds matter, knowing your pistol fits comfortably and securely means you're always prepared to face the impending storm.

Forged to Last: The Hammerli Forge H1 boasts a durable cerakote finish, providing exceptional protection against the harshest elements. In the grueling conditions of a uncontrollable world, your pistol must endure - and the Forge H1 is designed to do just that, standing the test of time and adversity.

Embrace the legacy, wield the Hammerli Forge H1. In a world consumed by chaos, let the roar of this pistol echo your defiance and determination. When the world crumbles, rise with the Forge H1 at your side.

Technical Data

  • Model:
  • Caliber:
    .22 LR
  • Finish:
  • Magazines:
    2 Included
  • Barrel Length:
    108 mm | 4.25 in
  • Overall Length:
    198 mm | 8.9 in
  • Capacity:
    12 Rounds
  • Weight:
    893 g | 34 oz empty